Welcome to Tennyo.org

A site dedicated to learning programming, and specifically to those who are beginners and may not entirely know how programming works. Many programming sites assume that the reader fully understands what programming is, but here, this site is specifically for those just learning. Filled with information on the latest codes, what programming is, getting started, programming basics and more, this is a comprehensive site for al those who are just beginning the adventure into the programming world.

What is programming?

For the layperson or beginner, the meaning of programming can be confusing. In simple terms, programming is the way of writing a set of instructions that informs the computer the actions it needs to take. Programming can be done on multiple different platforms – a platform being the hardware and software combination that the programmer is using. Some examples of platforms are Windows, MAC and Linux. When attempting to be successful in the programming world, programmers need to be able to write the required instructions in a specific programming language, of which there are many and get the desired result.

Welcome to Tennyo.org

How can it be used?

There are many different programming languages that can be used. Ava, C, C++ are considered to be very high level languages and are usually easily read with simpler formatting though it will still take some getting used to. Other languages are the very popular HTML whish is a formatting language and PHP used for web scripting. The processes here are slightly different but at the end of the day all the language is broken down by the computer into a code so that it can be understood.

Programming has many uses, from simple website design and formatting to creating interactive sites with advanced content or even simply creating apps. Each of these uses have specific programmes that are more adept at creating these different areas. For example HTML is fine for a basic website, but advanced content should be created using PHP and Java is used for app creation.

Programming can be a fun and entertaining pastime or become a full time job. A stimulating process it is nice to have a goal in mind and then finally achieve and create it.